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When you buy this great Grabbag Bundle you have a great base for making any kind of kit you want,
all products are free for Commercial Use and no credit is required. I don't have a limit of use of my products per kit,
so you can add whatever you like.
The normal price when you buy these grabbags seperately is $40.00, but I am offering this Grabbags Bundle now for
this very low price!

Here is a description of items you can find in the grabbags:

Description Newbie Designer Grabbag No.1

This first Grabbag of Wilma4ever is full of stuff newbie designers can use!
It contains 1 ribbonpack, 1 curled ribbonpack, a Doodle Flowerpack, Notebook Paper, A scalloped Frames Pack
2 packs of paper overlays to make easy and fast your own papers, staples, paperclips a chain and

All items are greyscaled, so you can easily recolour of fill it with your own patterns

All of these items are CU OK, so you can make with this stuff your own scrapkit

All items are full size and saved as 300 DPI

Description Grabbox 2

This grabbox is filled with 5 awesome CU items

It contains:
10 knitting textures, saved as JPEG files, tested in PSP
6 doodles, saved as PNG
6 doodle paper overlays saved as JPEG
10 greyscaled fibers, saved as PNG
4 tubed flowers, saved as PNG

This grabbox has a value of $ 11.50, but I am selling it for $ 5.00

Description Grabbag #3

This CU Grabbag is filled with 5 brand new CU items, that aren't in the store yet
All items has a value of $ 11.25, but I am selling it for $ 6.25
All items are CU OK and No credit is required!

This grabbag contains:
A Nails, brackets Etc. Pack with 6 different elements in it, tubed by myself
A set of different Tags with 10 tags
A flower templates set, with 2 different flowertemplates
A pack of Glass/glitter/Chromed shapes with 4 different shapes. A moon, a star, a flower and a heart
A pack of 6 different flower paperoverlays

So you're buying all this 28 Full Size CU papers and CU elements for only $ 6.25!!!

The whole bag is for about 120 MB!

Description Grabbox 4

I am back with an other Grabbox full of CU OK items!

This grabbox contains:
A Folded and Dotted Ribbon Pack, with 8 PNG files variating from ribbons, frames and curled ribbons
A Jewelry Pack, with 10 PNG files and 1 PSD file in it
A Ribbon Set with 5 PNG Files, 1 cirle frame ribbon, a ricrac, 2 curled ribbons and a normal ribbon
A Pack full of Locks, Wires and a handle, all tubed by myself
A Satin Ribbon Pack with 6 PNG files variating from ribbons, frames, curled ribbons, ricracs etc.

All elements in this Grabbox are Full Size - 300 DPI

This Grabbox with 41 PNG Files and 1 PSD File has a value of $ 16.00 but I am selling it for $ 8.25

Description Grabbag 5

This Grabbag is full of brand new CU Items every designer can use!

All items are 300 DPI and Full Size and no credit is required

This 5th grabbag of Wilma4ever contains 7 new packs:
*A bagset with 9 coloured bags and 1 greyscaled bag
*A mixed element pack with 1 stitched mouse,1 stitched croq,2 buttons,1 needle,1 pin,2 scissors,1 cardboard,2 safetypins
*2 ribbonpacks with 4 curled ribbons, 4 ricracs, 4 round frames and 4 straight ribbons
*2 Paperoverlays packs with 12 overlays (6 grunge and 6 circle fun)
* A woolpack with 1 Full Wool Knot, 2 Wool Frames, 4 Wool Ropes
*12 BONUS papers coloured with the greyscaled overlays

I saved all files as PNG files, when the products have more then one layer,
the files are saved as PSD and also each layer as a seperate PNG file, so you can use this grabbag in all kinds of programs
The Grunge overlays are saved as JPEG files

This bag contains for over then 55 new CU items, and is now available for $ 6.50

Description CU Grabbag 6

This CU Grabbag 6 is filled with some great Full Size CU OK products!
This grabbag contains 6 CU Pack with more then 45 items in it!

They are all 300 DPI, all products are made by myself of course!
No credit is required when you use my products but is always appreciated!

Here a small description of what you can find in this Grabbag!

* Tree and Fence Template Pack
* A set of 10 different buttons
* A set of 3 clothespins
* Wooden Frames pack with in it 8 frames in their original colours and 8 greyscaled frames
* A Pack of 6 Grunge Overlays
* A pack of 4 coloured ribbons and 4 grescaled ribbons

The grabbag has a value of $ 17.00 when you buy all these items seperatly, but I am selling it for $ 6.50

  • Product model: W4E
  • 1000Product quantity:
  • Manufactured by: *Wilma4Ever

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