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February 1st thru February 28th 2018

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Terms Of Use January 2018

Terms of use for Creations By Rain's Products:
1..You may use in Projects for your personal, non-commercial use.

1..You may use my products to sell AS IS in own Scrapkits, Quick Pages, Stationary, Banners, Blinkies, Etc, for others personal use
2..May Sell As Personal Use Only

I am a Licensed Reseller for And the Terms of use must be followed
1..You may NOT resell this clipart AS IS..You Must Make Something NEW such as, Puffy Sticker, Frame, Paper, Etc
2..You may NOT re-colour the clipart..  Exception May Color Lineart to suit your project
3..You may NOT create NEW commercial use products..
4..You May use in  Websets, Printables, Banners, as long as something new was created by you
5..You may only sell what you make as PERSONAL USE ONLY
6..You MUST give credit for the clipart in your terms of use to  No EXCEPTIONS..Copyrighted belongs to Angela Wenke and Resale Clipart
8..You may NOT offer our clipart in ANY CD collection

You may use our clip art graphics in your scrapbook kits as long as you are creating something new with them. You cannot just add them to your scrapbook kit AS IS without purchasing a resellers license. The clip art graphics you purchase from us have to be merged flat onto a new design such as frame or tag or other item. Not just thrown in your kit as is without owning a resellers license first.

*****CU4CU TERMS****
1..Can make A new Product and sell as Cu, S4H, Pu
2..Can use AS IS in scrapkits, Websites, Banners, Blinkies, Quickpages, etc
3..You may not repackage and resell as you got them

 *****RESELL TERMS*****
May Resell AS IS without modifications
May Resell As CU, S4H, PU without a License
May Resell As CU4CU with a License
Make your Own Preview
Please Credit Creations By Rain In your Tou
You may NOT Resell My Cu4Cu Resell Products or Cu4Cu Overlays as Cu4Cu without purchasing my Cu4Cu Resell License First....
You may not share these files or link directly to the download without my permission..
Credit required in your Read Me File 
You may recolor and resize my things to fit your designing needs..

I Sell My Products Exclusively at Wilma4ever Store Only.

Licenses & Permissions:

I hold a Cu4Cu License From Sharon Becker to Sell my products made from her things as Cu4Cu License # SDB0012 Blog @

I hold a Cu4Cu License From Taggin Angels to Sell Cu Products 

I hold a Reseller Licence From to sell products as is as Cu/Pu

I have permission from france @  to use her Poser Textures, etc For Commercial Use

I have permission from Aprilthescrapaholic to use her scrap papers on my posers skin and clothing. As she has my permission to use the posers i make with her papers for her kits, layouts, tags, etc

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